Press Reviews - India 

01."Three distinguished artistes lay out a musical feast for the audience" - Musical dialogue:Pandit Ravindra Yavagal on tabla and Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya on slide guitar, at a function in Dharwad on Sunday.



02."TRINITY OF SLIDE GUITARS" - The first time we hard about guitar innovator PT Debashish Bhattacharya's new album Calcutta Slide Guitars , it was on the Top 10 chart of the UK world music magazine, Songlines.

- RAVE NEW NETWORK, RAVE. Vol 4 Issue 4th July 2005. 

03. "REVIVE MEHFILS, REVAMP BOLLYWOD" - The current generation of music lovers is more exposed to remix music purely because it is marketed more aggressively

- RAVE NEW NETWORK, RAVE. 3rd June 2005. 

 04. "Trinity tale of a talented soul", Sudipta Biswas speaks with Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya who has created three versions of the Hawaiian guitar, and uses the Western instrument in Hindustani Classical Music. 

- Deccan Herald , Bangalore May 15,2005.

05. "Bridge Across Age Divide", Fantastic Fusion : The two-hour Long Remember Shakti Concert held at the Science City Auditorium on Friday evening had the audience enthralled. 

- HT CITY , Hindustan Times, Kolkata. January 30, 2005.

 06. "His serious approach excellent tonal quality and artistic handling of material made his portrayal much better than that of Viswa Mohan Bhatt's of the ITC sammelan last month."

- Nilakhsa Gupta, Telegraph, 2002

 07."Debashish has given the audience ample evidence of his musical excellence and the littering effects indrutaly will be remembered long time..."

- Ashish Chattyopadhay Ananda Bazar Patrika, 23rd February, 2002

 08. "Debashish presented the best recital to the Kolkata audience in six nights of the Golden Jubilee of Dover Lane music concert.

- Srijan Bhattacharya Pratidin, 2002